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Bargains with Barb: My Nutella MommyParty

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Nutella MommyParty

I recently hosted a MommyParty Sponsored by Nutella. What is Nutella you might ask? It is a tasty hazelnut spread mainly used for breakfast. Nutella contains quality ingredients such as skim milk and a hint of cocoa and Nutella┬« spread on whole wheat bread, or any multigrain product, with orange juice or skim milk is a good combination for a balanced breakfast. Nutella contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Until I hosted my party my family and I had never tried Nutella before. I had heard of it and always said, "I need to try that," but never did so I was excited to host this party. My kids "sampled" it before the party. My son is a rather picky eater and is not one for trying new things so it took a little "encouraging" on my part. My daughter will try just about anything on the other hand. We all finally tried it on toast and it was a hit. However, this will not be a breakfast item for my kids. My daughter is on a strict "diet" of Toaster Streudels for breakfast, minus the icing (my kids have no idea this exists, lol) so I couldn't convince her to eat this for breakfast and even though my son likes to mix up his breakfast choices, he also did not want this as a breakfast option although they enjoy it in the afternoons as a snack.

What did I get in my Nutella hazelnut spread party kit? Well from the picture above, my kit included:
  • 1 26.5oz jar of Nutella
  • 10 each of Nutella spread sample packs and coupons, guest bags, tumbler mugs which were a hit with the moms, spread spreaders which I love, and spread tip cards for guests.
  • Recipe ideas
  • Party activities - Everyday breakfast tips and trivia
I like Nutella and it has a sweetness to it that you don't actually think you are eating something nutritious and I am not sure if you have tried them but they remind me of Rocher candy. If you have never tried Nutella, I suggest trying it. Most of my friends actually use Nutella in their diet, but a few of them hadn't and one was kind of skeptical about trying it. She didn't know if her kids would like it but to her surprise they loved it and wanted more. Below are some of my "mommy friends testimonials:"

My son and I both loved the Nutella. My oldest son is allergic to peanuts, and I believe my youngest son is too judging by the reaction he had when I ate peanut butter before nursing him. I'm happy to say that my son is not allergic to tree nuts and can now enjoy an alternative spread such as Nutella on bread, toast, Graham crackers etc. He loves it! Thank you for the samples. We'll be off to the store soon to replenish our supply. Happily, Alesa

Barb, My kids love the spread. They say it's like chocolate. They've been asking for more! Thanks, Nicki

If you would like to try Nutella go here to print off a coupon.


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